Tell Me Again…

I have a full time job which means two things

1) I can’t surf during the week

2) Weekend waves are usually packed with weekly workers just like me.

One of my best friends lives down the coast and is enjoying her university lifestyle. Every time I speak to her, she tells me how amazing her surf was that day. I’m happy for her, but I can’t help but feel like this:

Source: via Ola on Pinterest

Ever had this feeling?

Real or Man Made- Which Do You Prefer?

Have you ever been in a wave pool? Or surfed on Flow Rider? For those who haven’t heard of it, a Flow Rider is an artificial wave that’s usually super expensive and with a line a mile long!

Here’s a video of surfer Sophie Hellyer surfing a man made wave in Dubai.

Or you can watch the lovely roxy ladies surf some delightful natural ripples.

So what’s better?  An au natural wave or a man made tube?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

Stoked to Surf

When did you catch your first wave? Were you instantly addicted?

This is Živa, she recently went surfing for the very first time. She loved it so much that 2 weeks in the water just wasn’t enough!

4 days after she came home from her very first surf trip, she booked her next one straight away.

We understand the feeling. Once you start surfing it’s hard to think about much else!

Good luck on your surf journey Živa!

Thanks to deepsoulsurfer for sharing Živa’s story. If you would like a photo or story posted, send us an email or contact us via Facebook.

Surfer Chic Style: Roxy x Cynthia Rowley

These wetsuits are incredible, not to mention that board spray! I’m saving up for some of these babies.

oh my omiyage

I’m so happy to have found that designers are collaborating with sports brands to create some chic surf wear!  While browsing magazines at the hair salon yesterday, I spotted this adorable Roxy x Cynthia Rowley wetsuit.

More great news: she designed a whole collection of chic, colorful, and stylish surf wear!

My typical black wetsuit and white rash guards are definitely not cutting it.

Even though my surfing isn’t up to par, at least I can look good while I flail in the water!

Photo credits: InStyle, Refinery29, Be Sportier, Rising Hollywood.

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Lake Atlantic

This is why Mal riding is awesome. You can surf even when it’s 1ft! These sessions are always super fun and there is rarely anyone else out there!


Oh how I miss St. Augustine, FL! Such an awesome sleepy surf town. Summer cruisin’ log style. Vids by Drew Miller, and congrats to Justin Q. for making the finals last week in Huntington.

LAKE ATLANTIC from Drew Miller on Vimeo.

Justin Quintal // Mid-Length Shred Sled from Drew Miller on Vimeo.

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Superb Campaign to Save our Waves

Fresh Forms

Spencer Murphy shoots an eerie scene of the potential outcome from surfing if the current threats continue. Not what you would normally expect from the laid back hanging 10 surfing community. Pollution, sewage and offshore developments put the future of surfing at risk.

To sign the petition, head on over to Protect our Waves, the organisation trying to save UK beaches from threat.


Via it’s Nice That

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Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2011; Supertubos

Supertubos is an incredible wave. When I was in portugal two years ago I surfed it and it blew my mind. It wasn’t even a glassy perfect day as I was there in the off season. But the scenery and the potential in the way the wave broke was just incredible. Needless to say I got completely smashed!

I’m certainly no Pro surfer, but I had to re-blog these fantastic photos of such a fun and intense wave. If you ever get a chance, surf it.

Deep Soul Surfer

Master Kelly Slater - Lip Ride, Sunset Rip Curl Pro 2011, Supertubos, Portugal

On Our Cruising down the coast of Portugal in the hunt for waves . . .
We also visited the ASF surfing world tour event;  Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2011 on the surf sport Supertubos in Peniche Portugal.

It was a spectacular event. Supertubos gave it’s best and treated us, and especially the wave riders with smooth 3-5 meters high, fast braking, barrel making waves.
The atmosphere was chilled and relaxed, but that is usual in Portugal. We met some truly nice and pleasant people, had fun and really enjoyed the show 🙂

Unforgettable deep surfing soul moments . . .

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