Getting some momentum…

It has been a long time since my sewing machine had any action. It’s time to get back into my love affair with sewing and this project is not only inspiring but I always need a new change purse (I always lose them)!

Very Berry Handmade

My enthusiasm for blogging is creeping back as my sewing is getting more fun again. No surprises there I guess! The only problem is that I haven’t got much new to show you because my clippy-purse making is continuing…  Great for watching sport by… But I shall cast caution to the winds and be a blog bore…. at least until Friday when I promise to change the subject from Tana Lawn and clippy purses…

I had some of this beautiful Wiltshire Berry (it is right up there in my top Liberty Tana Lawn prints) lying around and it somehow found its way next to some bright red linen/cotton mix. I just thought ‘ker-pow!’ (the boys have been watching Batman…!) because they looked so vibrant together. I had one purse frame left (for now, <evil laugh>hahahaha</evil laugh.), so it all seemed very obvious really:

Clippy purse with lovely red Liberty Wiltshire Berry

Finding a lining fabric to work with these…

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