Write More Letters : Easy steps to DIY, recycled envelopes!

Super cute idea!
I love sending letters and this is a great way to get inspired to reconnect with your pen pal! Got to do this. 😀

The Radical Uprise

99% of the letters and packages I send are one of a kind. I use old magazines and catalogs to create unique, DIY envelopes that travel the world. I get loads of compliments on these easy, handmade parcels, so I decided to share the simple steps you can take to create your own!

Grab a load of old magazines. IKEA catalogs (or something of the like) are recommended since the pages are already square. If you’re using a standard magazine, simply rip out the pages, fold the page over into a triangle and cut across the imaginary line that would fall below the triangle (this makes the square). I recommend using two or three pages of the magazines, depending on the thickness. Letters and parcels go through several hands and machines and you don’t want to risk getting your envelope ripped open. You can always reinforce the edges with a…

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