Surf profile….Alison Bailey

Originally from Victoria, Alison is someone who was very new to the world of surfing until her discovery of the sport two years ago.

A Geelong girl through and through, her love of surfing came to her when she moved further north to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The move into a warmer climate and a popular surf culture inspired Alison to give surfing a go.

“I start surfing two years ago,” she said.

“The first time I surfed was at Noosa Heads while on a lesson with three close friends.

“I was immediately hooked. The adrenaline of paddling to catch a wave and the even bigger high of standing on my fifth attempt was sensational.”

Following on from her first lesson, Alison was so ‘surf hooked’ that she decided to dedicate practicing her surfing skills just about every weekend.

“I eventually purchased my own board (mini mal 7 foot 4),” she said.

“I would then take trips up to Noosa or surf at Alex Headland with friends.”

Looking back on her transition, Alison says her move to the Sunshine Coast has opened her up to new things especially her new found love of surfing.

“I think my favourite time of year to surf would have to be spring, the waters clear and it starts to get warmer,” she said.

“Surfing is a great hobby that I wish I found earlier in my life.”

Some of Alison’s other hobbies include dancing, exercising, eating out, travelling and reading.
Cheers for the interview with Ola Nina Alison and happy surfing 🙂

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