Introducing..Alejandra Altuve

Read our latest profile piece on down to earth bodyboarding goddess 30-year-old Alejandra Altuve ‘Ale’ from Caracas, Venezuela.

by YourTrueLook

Years bodyboarding:12

How did you get into it? 
I ‘ve spent most of my childhood days at my grandpa’s beach house, fortunately just a few blocks from the sea. I could go to the beach barefoot or just ride the bike with my brother and our lil’ gang and we could stay for hours in the beach, swimming in the shorebreak, watching the surfers, having fun in the little “sandbar” of La Punta,Ocumare-Aragua (where everything started).
We’ve spent and enjoyed every single vacation,weekend and all my “free days” playing in the Ocean,surrounded by people who loved and respected the Ocean and teached me and inspired me to do the same thing,such as my grandpa, my beautiful mom and my uncle Angel,they took me to sooo many amazing little adventures when I was a kid,that maybe I started to be connected with nature since I was very young because of that, even before I have started Bodyboarding. It was something natural. I always wanted to practice bodyboarding or surfing, since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be in the water all the time,but we lived in the city,so in the beggining it was kind of hard to get support for it.

Why do you love it?
Bodyboarding in Hawaii_Matt Catalano photo frame This is a tough one! Bodyboarding has given me so much,  I know that it could sound like a cliché but it’s true! I’ve been blessed with such an amazing lifestyle as an athlete and representing my country, traveling to exotic and challenging places all over the World, getting to know their culture and maners, their people and some friends that then have became my “family of the World”. It’s such a blessing to get to surf so many of the spots that I’ve dreamed about when everything started. I love the fact of being an “ocean – soul” that can inspire, support and help others to follow their dreams thru bodyboarding and the social work that I am involved with in different communities of my country or even when I travel around the world and I can get along with other people that will support the project.

Are you chasing the pro tour or? what is your situation with it?
Yes , I am! And it has been an amazing experience for growing up myself as an athlete and for representing Venezuela.
Last year I’ve got placed 23rd. on the I.B.A. Women’s World Tour, not the result that I am working for but definitely very motivated and focus to improve those numbers! 
This year I just started another tour, which is the ALAS Latin Tour, and where I got positioned on the 4th. Spot of the Latinamerican Ranking! Which is pretty motivating for a new year and a new tour.

What is it about the ocean that you love?
I  just love the way it makes me feel,  I become part of it. Oneness. Must be the freedom of flowing  with the water. Those kind of things that you just can feel , not describe or tell. I love the glow and the joy I feel after surfing. 
I love the way I challenge myself when I surf in a new spot,  or when the waves are firing, the adventure that comes with it and the fact that it’s unknown makes me feel more focus and into it.
Every wave is different,  every spot has it own enchantment and I love that. I never could get bored of it! Lots of challenges that has made me the woman that I am right now. 
I love the connection with the Ocean and all the possibilities that it represents to me, “we are in love with each other” haha!

Describe yourself.
This is a harder one!  haha! O.K. ! Of course I do love the ocean and the way that my life has been shaped and surrounded by it. I feel gratitude for all the blessings that comes into ” the package”, I truly love that.
I am a dreamer but I am a warrior of my own dreams and many times I go on battles by helping others on theirs, that melts my heart. I love to give.  Sometimes fooled (by fools) but many others BLESSED (by beautiful souls), it’s all good ’cause everything it’s part of my growth and strength. 
I am very creative and active. I love being an enterpreneur , an athlete.  I am a “day person”. ISunset time by YourTrueLook enjoy my family, my house,  real friends. I love the joy of simple things that bring huge power in my life.

What or who inspires you?
Everything during “the journey” inspires me,from the little things to the bigger ones: waking up every morning in front of the ocean, driving all the way from the beach to the city, by the ocean side gives me some “extra-energy” to carry on with me during the day
I have been inspired and influenced by many womens from family. Outstanding ladies that teached values and inspired me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams no matter what,  as long as you act honestly and with God in your heart in every step you take, that’s the best inspiration I could have for life.

Favourite places to surf?
Hawaii,  Puerto Rico,  Canary Islands,  Brasil, Nicaragua, Ecuador and of course home: Cuyagua  (fav break in Venezuela) and Los Roques.

Best place you’ve travelled so far?
Impossible to pick just one. Top 5 so far soooo good: Hawaii (O’ahu and Kaua’i) , Azores Islands, Canary Islands, Chile and Australia.

What do you like to do other than bodyboarding?
Mainly I love to create in many ways: writing, painting, cooking and designing. I like to create and develop concepts for events, campaigns, brands or projects.
Also I am about to launch KEi ♥ Swim | Surf & Sport WEar,  my line of swimsuits, surfwear and sportwear, which also will be promoted by a cool and smart movement of lifestyle that involves fitness, nutrition,sports, fashion, design and others.  We want to educate thru our work, we want to inspire thru our triumphs and we want to motivate and support through KEi!

in California by YourTrueLook

What global issues are you interested in?
wow there is a list that breaks my heart, but there’s another one that makes stand for something, so I am developing #sirenasproject,  a small project of high impact that looks to educate girls thru sports and motivational speaks so we can prevent women’s abuse and their lack of security and courage to prepare theirself for better opportunities. We care about the environment so every activitie gets involved along with ecological actions. 
I also stand AGAINST GMO & MONSANTO ! and all the damage that they’re causing not only in hawaiian lands but also in human beings bodies!  Manipulating food, fruits from the earth and its genetic! 
REMEMBER: We are what we eat! 
and don’t forget overall, to RESPECT what we come from: the land.

Thanks for chatting Ale.

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