Go With The Flow

You know what sucks? Sitting in my office, checking the surf report and knowing that I can’t be there.
What’s worse? Knowing that my best friends woke up at 6am, paddled out at dawn and are enjoying those beautiful, glassy, 3-4ft waves all to themselves.
They sent me a txt before heading out:

“Glassy and beautiful, sun is rising!”

I know they just wanted to share it with me, but waking up to that txt made me want to bury my head in the pillow.
It’s just a fact of life that there will be times that I won’t make a perfect surf. It means that I will appreciate it more the next time I go (that’s what I tell myself).
Right now it just gives me more time to get our little blog up and running!
It has been slow going, but we are going! Going with the flow.