Pool in the desert – Article,photos and videos

A wave pool in the desert? Looks incredible, but I’m concerned about the environmental impact of something like this. I wonder how they re-fill the pool? Does it evaporate daily? Feel free to comment if you have any know-how about this or have an opinion.

Real or Man Made- Which Do You Prefer?

Have you ever been in a wave pool? Or surfed on Flow Rider? For those who haven’t heard of it, a Flow Rider is an artificial wave that’s usually super expensive and with a line a mile long!

Here’s a video of surfer Sophie Hellyer surfing a man made wave in Dubai.

Or you can watch the lovely roxy ladies surf some delightful natural ripples.

So what’s better?  An au natural wave or a man made tube?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 🙂