It’s 2014 – watch this space…’s been a while in between surfs and travel and as the first post for 2014 we would like to wish all our lovely Ola Nina followers a brilliant New Year IMG_1105


We thought we would start off with some photos we’ve taken and some we’ve seen this year that we love. Expect bigger and better things from the Ola Nina team this year we are hoping to bring you more profile pieces, yummy recipes and of course travel stories and unique things to see and do.



Stay tuned Ola Nina this space! and here’s to a top year full of waves, sunny days and good times..lots of love L&C xxx



Passionate About the Ocean?

National Geographic has created an education program to raise awareness about the ocean and it invites surfers and surf schools to get involved.

Working at National Geographic has always been my dream job. The stories that National Geographic tells are about the earth, history and the ocean. These stories might not make the evening news but they are fascinating, important and impact each and every one of us.

Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic

The National Geographic Ocean Education Program aims to engage and collaborate with the marine recreation community (us) with the goal of raising public awareness about ocean conservation and inspiring people to help protect the vital natural resources that the ocean provides.

Photograph by Sebastian Meckelmann

The Ocean Initiative is a great way to get involved. If you are interested in running a program perhaps with a school group or at your local surf club, there is a whole Tool Kit available on the site including some great planning material.

Superb Campaign to Save our Waves

Fresh Forms

Spencer Murphy shoots an eerie scene of the potential outcome from surfing if the current threats continue. Not what you would normally expect from the laid back hanging 10 surfing community. Pollution, sewage and offshore developments put the future of surfing at risk.

To sign the petition, head on over to Protect our Waves, the organisation trying to save UK beaches from threat.


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Surfing For Change

Pollution of our oceans is a serious issue, not just for surfers, but for everyone. I think Kyle Theirmann is inspiring because he’s getting out there and walking the walk.

Green Skateboarding

Recently, I heard about Kyle Theirmann and what he’s doing with Surfing For Change. This young professional surfer is on a righteous mission. Creating youtube videos to challenge environmental issues all over the world.

He is on his way to Nicaragua now covering the country with radical change going on, has done a TED talk, is protesting the J Bay nuclear plant in South Africa, advocates for less plastic pollution and showing more support for local economies. He’s doing a bunch of cool stuff, check out Surfing For Change.

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