Spices for health

YUM! Next time you are in the kitchen add one of these delicious and nutritious spices to your meal. Healthy and tasty!


Spices have been used to heal the body for thousands of years, yet scientific research into their health benefits is still in its infancy. We look at the evidence for five common spices.


his bright orange spice comes from the ginger plant family and adds colour to many dishes.

In traditional Indian medicine it is used for a wide variety of conditions, including those of the skin, heart, lungs and digestive system.

Curcumin is the active ingredient and gives turmeric its vibrant colour.

Although our bodies can’t absorb much curcumin, small-scale studies suggest it has potent anti-inflammatory properties and so the potential to treat joint diseases such as arthritis and back pain.

Turmeric may be helpful in cutting cardiovascular disease and stroke risk. It’s thought turmeric can lower bad cholesterol and reduce the stickiness of blood, preventing blood clots.

A study of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) found…

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Making your very own smoothie

Great Smoothie recipe! Mmmmm perfect for an early morning snack!

Med School Never Ends

The word smoothie has its roots in the fruit based drinks made by Hippies in the 60s, at least according to Wikipedia. I started making my own a month or two after I started taking protein supplements. Despite fancy names like French Vanilla, they.don’t.taste.fantastic. I also realised I didn’t have a lot of fresh foods in my diet, so it seemed natural to mix the two into a post-workout evening meal.

[UPDATE : I read an article on men’s health that says, post workout, you want the protein to reach your blood stream fast. Article on BodyBuilding.com suggests you do something like this before your workout as a source of energy, reducing the chance of your body using protein (and muscle) as a source of energy during workouts and focus less on post-workout carbs.]

Here’s how I make mine.

  1. Ingredients
    A banana, a pear, a small bunch…

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Lake Atlantic

This is why Mal riding is awesome. You can surf even when it’s 1ft! These sessions are always super fun and there is rarely anyone else out there!


Oh how I miss St. Augustine, FL! Such an awesome sleepy surf town. Summer cruisin’ log style. Vids by Drew Miller, and congrats to Justin Q. for making the finals last week in Huntington.

LAKE ATLANTIC from Drew Miller on Vimeo.

Justin Quintal // Mid-Length Shred Sled from Drew Miller on Vimeo.

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Vintage Jam Jar

Don’t you hate buying presents for people who have everything? Next time, don’t waste your money, make them some jam in an awesome jar instead.

Everyone loves jam, especially home made jam. Here’s a step by step guide to make sure the jar does your jam justice!

You Will Need
1 x CLEAN jar (make sure it has been well washed in hot water)
1 x 30 cm of Ribbon (colour of your choice)
1 x piece of Thick white paper
15 x 15cm of fabric (of your choice)
Craft Glue
1 x Elastic band

Let’s Get Crafty!
1.  Place the piece of fabric over the Jar.

2. Fasten the elastic band around the lid of the jar, over the cloth.

3. Make a mark on the cloth.

4. Take off the cloth and mark a square, using your original marker as a guide.
NB* It’s always better to use a pencil as it doesn’t show up later (I’ve used a pen so you can see clearly).

5. Cut along the dotted line.

6. Using the white piece of paper create your label. Here I have drawn a rough square and written ‘Strawberry Jam’ on it, go wild and personalise your jam jar!

7. Spread the craft glue thinly over the back of your handmade label. Stick it onto the center of the jar. You will need to leave the label to dry completely before touching it.
NB* Do not put too much glue on your label as it will become soggy.

8. When the label has dried, pick up your piece of cloth and place it over the lid as before.

9. Place the elastic band over the cloth to hold it in place.

10. Take your ribbon and cut the ends so they look lovely and neat.

11. Tie the ribbon around the elastic band firmly.
12) Tie a bow and cut the ribbon if it is too long.

All finished! How easy was that? Now you have created an awesome Vintage Jam Jar to give as a gift, or keep for yourself!

If you are making a selection of jams, use different size jars to create a vintage mix and match vibe.

Be as creative as you like with the labels, ribbon and cloth choice. I always like to match the colours to the jam ie: pinks and reds for strawberry.

Make sure you wipe the jar after putting the jam in, as it can make everything very sticky. Be extra careful of sticky fingers as you won’t want to smudge your labels with jam!

My favourite recipe for Jam is very simple. Lots of fruit (strawberry jam is my favourite), LOTS of sugar, a squeeze of lemon and a few crushed apple seeds (they help it bind), all simmered on the stove until the mixture coats the back of your spoon.

If you want something more formal, check out this recipe.

Let me know how you go!