Ola Niña

Ola Niña means Wave Girl in Spanish.
Loz and Carmen met in Spain in 2008. It was a chance meeting and both being Australian born and bred, they bonded over their love of surfing and the desire to create a home grown, local surf magazine for girls who love to surf.

Ola Niña is like Saltwater therapy, it’s like waking up early to surf your local break. It is the feeling of joy when you catch that perfect ride. Goofy, long boarder, thrasher, old, young, seasoned pro..as long as you surf, you know what we are talking about!

We’ve all read the surf magazines about the Pro’s…

But at Ola Niña we want to take it back to basics and show surfers at their local breaks, just doing their thing.

We want to tell your story.

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